Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation may occur when a conflict arises based on a commercial or business transaction. It entails any type of legal controversy related to a business issue. Commercial Litigation conflicts may include Breaches of contract, Employment disputes, Business dissolutions, Interferences with business relationships, Disputes over non-compete clauses, Civil RICO violations, Breaches of fiduciary duty, Franchise issues, Shareholder disputes, Partnership disputes or Debt collection.

In a contract dispute, the contracting parties may disagree on the terms or conditions stated in the contract. This disagreement can lead to a breach of the contract by one or both parties. In such a circumstance, legal issues regarding the contract terms must be addressed. In Florida, many contract disputes arise between contractors or construction companies and their clients. These disputes arise when a client feels as though the work contracted for is taking too long, the work is unsatisfactory, the work has not been completed or when expenses are misused or misappropriated. Often times such disputes result in litigation in order to enforce the terms of the contract and to properly handle the disagreement.

Commercial Litigation often involves “business torts.” “Business torts” applies to a wide variety of claims that may be brought in response to wrongdoing that occurs in a business relationship. Business torts can include situations where a party interferes with the operation of another’s business, where a business behaves in a manner that is unethical, oppressive, unscrupulous or harmful to consumers, where a misrepresentation has occurred, a breach of fiduciary duty has occurred or where one party to a business relationship wrongfully discloses or uses confidential information and causes another party in that relationship to suffer harm

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